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DMSchedules Elementary Master Schedule Builder

Building an elementary school schedule is no small feat for administrators, often stretching into a complex, days-long project. Each grade level has unique needs, and balancing these with teachers' availability and staff requirements demands careful coordination. Numerous interdependencies further complicate the dynamic process of preparing a master schedule.

Making school-wide, grade-level, teacher schedules and course requests using traditional methods, i.e., Google and Excel sheets and Post-it notes, is often overwhelming. Learn how to use DMSchedules master schedule builder to spend less time scheduling and minimize the iterative process of making changes across spreadsheets with each schedule update.

DMSchedules: An easier way to build an elementary school master schedule

DMSchedules is a web-based school schedule builder and the result of DMGroup's 20 years of experience developing scheduling best practices and tactics with thousands of school leaders nationwide. We designed DMSchedules as a response to school administrators' pressing need to develop strategic schedules quickly and easily. Our schedule builder leverages extensive expertise from high-performing, cost-effective elementary schools, backed by our deep experience and a proprietary database, to meet the urgent needs of school administrators for quick and strategic scheduling.

Discover the Power of DMschedules Master Schedule Builder

With DMSchedules for Elementary Schools master schedule builder software, school principals and other schedulers can develop effective student-centered school schedules and individual staff schedules in hours instead of weeks.

Drag & drop capabilities

Using simple drag-and-drop features, DMSchedules lets you quickly and easily create the main schedule and automatically generate individual homeroom, specials, and other supporting staff schedules.

    A convenient, web-based schedule builder

    Since our school scheduler is web-based scheduling software, you can access it from your computer, iOS, or Android device at any time. With a single click, you can share your schedule in real time with your teachers, staff, and administrators.

    How Does DMSchedules Master Schedule Builder for Schools Work?

    DMSchedules master scheduler combines powerful web-based software with our expert scheduling support, tailored to fit various school models. Key features include the ability to quickly develop student-centered schedules that efficiently load students, define instructional priorities, and manage elementary school and staff schedules effectively.

    User-Friendly Tool with Drag-and-Drop Interface

    DMSchedules helps you easily define subjects, generate specials rotations, manage workloads — including staff shared across schools — and ensure all students can access the core curriculum and specials you offer. Principals and other school schedulers can create a main elementary schedule for the entire school year with drag-and-drop ease.

    Automated Updates for Seamless Coordination

    Based on your master schedule, DMSchedules can automatically generate dependent schedules for students, teachers, and other staff, streamlining the process and ensuring consistency across the board.

    Effective Communication with Instant Sharing

    You can instantly share your online master schedule with administrators, teachers, and staff to ensure they always have access to the latest version.

    Better Insights for Strategic Decision-Making

    All your must-know scheduling data, like teacher availability and room capacity, is readily available and accessible to authorized users. No more dealing with scattered spreadsheets and buried email threads.

    Conflict Resolution

    Dragging a subject into a schedule will indicate if the assigned teacher or room is already occupied, preventing double bookings and conflicts and ensuring a smoother operation of the school's daily activities.

    DMSchedules master schedule builder software includes these additional features and capabilities:

    • Build your school schedules (e.g. Bell schedules, Homerooms, Specials, Staff, and more)
    • Unlimited user accounts
    • Unlimited schedule scenarios
    • Flexible schedule cycle/rotation support
    • Flexible specials rotations
    • Preset your district's instructional guidelines
    • Unlimited alternate schedules (e.g. delayed openings, early release)
    • Assign teacher aides, co-teachers, and other staff to periods
    • Schedule sharing with stakeholders
    • Staff assignment conflict warnings
    • See shared staff schedules across multiple schools
    • Schedule error and best practices validation

    What Users Say About DMSchedules Scheduler

    • “Each morning when I am shuffling staff to cover those who are out, I am thankful to you and this product. Having our schedule centrally located has been a lifesaver this school year.”


      Norwich, VT

    • “DMSchedules has been extremely helpful to use at our school. I am so grateful for this tool. It was integral in getting WIN and intervention time for our students so that it is built into the schedule.”


      The Diocese of Allentown (PA)

    • “The team and I are excited to be able to use the program and have granular control over our school schedule. My principal peers are raving about it.”


      Elmhurst CUSD 205 (IL)

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    Find out how DMSchedules can help with your scheduling needs and book a free demo today. For additional questions, contact our team of scheduling experts.

    Where to find additional resources

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