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Elementary School Scheduling Software

Quickly and easily create strategic elementary school schedules aligned with your learning goals. Automatically create and share dependent student and staff schedules.

DMSchedules - Powerful Internet-based scheduling software


Scheduling Software for Elementary Schools

Building elementary school schedules has never been easier! 

Principals and other school schedulers can create a main elementary school schedule with drag-and-drop ease. Specials rotations, homeroom and specials teacher schedules are then automatically updated based on the main schedule. You can instantly share your online schedule with administrators, teachers, and staff to ensure they always have access to the latest version. 

Easier and Faster

Create your school schedule in hours not weeks

Reduce the time it traditionally takes to create schedules from weeks to hours and experiment with different schedule models to find the best schedule for your school.

DMSchedules - DMSchedules drag-and-drop feature makes scheduling a breeze

Best Practice

Leverage best practice expertise

Create schedules aligned with your school's strategic priorities by following best practices in school scheduling. Scheduling experts from DMGroup are available for advice and assistance.

Coordinated and Transparent

Efficient and effective staffing

Easily define subjects, generate specials rotations, manage workloads, including staff shared across schools, and ensure all students have access to the core curriculum and specials you offer.

DMSchedules school schedule maker enables quick and easy elementary school scheduling

Key Features

  • Build your school schedules (e.g. Bell schedules, Homerooms, Specials, Staff, and more)
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Unlimited schedule scenarios
  • Flexibile schedule cycle/rotation support
  • Flexible specials rotations
  • Preset your district's instructional guidelines
  • Unlimited alternate schedules (e.g. delayed openings, early release)
  • Assign teacher aides, co-teachers, and other staff to periods
  • Schedule sharing with stakeholders
  • Staff assignment conflict warnings
  • See shared staff schedules across multiple schools
  • Schedule error and best practices validation

What Our Customers Say

  • “Being able to see everything right in front of me and the ability to break down grade levels is a very key component for me, being a leader of the building and meeting with grade-level teams.”


    Barrington 220, IL

  • “The ease of entering your time frames and the ability to move classes around to ensure all sections are scheduled are fantastic. I also loved how it alerted you when something overlapped.”


    Dublin City School District, OH

  • “Last year, the principal and I spent hours downloading PDFs and uploading them to Google Drive and then repeating the process every time a schedule change was made. The online sharing has saved me countless hours.”

    Math Teacher

    Farmington, CT

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