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Elementary School Scheduling Success Stories

Discover how districts and schools nationwide have used DMSchedules support to achieve extraordinary results in elementary school scheduling.

Minnehaha Academy (MN)

Elementary Scheduling Made Easy for Minnehaha Academy (MN)

A high-performing private K-12 parochial school Minnehaha Academy struggled with a complex school schedule using spreadsheets and other scheduling tools. Learn about their positive experience with DMSchedules for Elementary Schools scheduling software that enabled them to create highly efficient school schedules and successfully implement their priorities for teaching and learning.

Great Valley School District (PA)

Innovative Schedules for a New School Configuration at Great Valley School District (PA)

District leadership was energized about the potential to enhance supports for students with the new campus for grades 5 and 6 that was under construction. With DMGroup’s scheduling expertise and powerful scheduling software, district leadership and DMGroup successfully developed creative scheduling solutions to realize the district’s objectives.

Phoenixville Area School District (PA)

Prepared to Pivot During the Pandemic: Creating Scheduling Scenarios at Phoenixville Area School District (PA)

The Phoenixville Area School District team needed schedules for in-person, hybrid and fully remote learning scenarios to prepare for uncertainty during the Covid pandemic.

They used DMSchedules to easily create schedules for a variety of scenarios and quickly adapt to changing needs. Learn how.

Bibb County School District (GA)

Raising Achievement and Addressing Equity at Bibb County School District (GA) through Strategic Scheduling

Discover how Bibb County School District (GA) raised achievement and addressed equity across all 22 elementary schools by developing instructional guidelines, interventions, and implementing effective scheduling.

Indian Prairie School District 204 (IL)

Improving Supports for Struggling Students at Indian Prairie School District 204 (IL): Strategic Scheduling Paves the Way

Indian Prairie School District 204 (IL) was working to improve supports for students struggling academically. Learn how IPSD’s new approach to scheduling supported extra-time interventions and implementation of other best practices.

State of Vermont Agency of Education

The Vermont Agency of Education Provides DMSchedules Statewide

The Vermont Agency of Education has made DMSchedules for Elementary Schools scheduling software available to all of its elementary schools to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and equitable delivery of services to students who require additional support. Learn more about the experience.