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DMSchedules: School Schedule Maker for Effortless Scheduling

When you design a strategic elementary schedule, you set the stage for student improvements — both school and district-wide. From kindergarten through middle and high school, the administrator's ability to craft a strategically efficient, tailored schedule is pivotal in fostering student success.

With strategic scheduling, your students gain great study time and consideration for their grade level, specific needs, and academic goals. Recent studies confirm this. The National Bureau of Economic Research found that administrators who incorporate extended learning opportunities into the school day without sacrificing core instruction see gains in ELA and math achievement.

Is your current school schedule maker maximizing student learning while protecting limited resources? In this blog, we'll take a closer look at how you can create the perfect elementary schedule.

DMSchedules - Powerful Internet-based school schedule maker

Common Scheduling Challenges in Elementary Schools

Creating an elementary school schedule poses more logistical challenges than a schedule for higher ed. Elementary school schedule require certain components that can be challenging for administrators to manage.

  • Accommodating all your school's programs within the limited hours of a school day is a struggle.
  • Your teachers need time for planning and teamwork, but finding these available blocks isn't easy.
  • Having to pull students from core instruction makes intervention and enrichment scheduling challenging.
  • Your school has staff shared across the district or part-time staff you need to accommodate.
Common challenges in elementary school scheduling

    How Can DMSchedules School Schedule Maker Help?

    DMSchedules scheduling software was built to assist elementary principals in creating strategic elementary and special education schedules aligned with district priorities and students' current needs quickly and easily.

    DMSchedules School Schedule Maker Top Features

    We created DMSchedules software to simplify the scheduling process. The schedule maker has a drag-and-drop interface; no coding is required, and you can give viewing and editing privileges to any staff member. Key stakeholders can get a "bird's-eye view" of the schedule as it's being created.

    The core components of DMSchedules that make scheduling a streamlined, easier process:
    • The web-based program allows school leaders to easily create schedules for any learning scenario, whether hybrid, fully remote, or in-person, from anywhere and at any time.
    • Drag-and-drop capabilities make complex scheduling a breeze.

DMSchedules drag-and-drop feature makes scheduling a breeze

    • Automatic creation of specials rotations, homeroom, and specials teacher schedules based on the main schedule is a major time saver.
    DMSchedules school schedule maker enables quick and easy elementary school scheduling
    • All your must-know scheduling data, like teacher availability and room capacity, is readily available and accessible to authorized users. No more dealing with scattered spreadsheets and buried email threads.
    • Visibility into shared staff schedules across multiple schools helps maximize resources.
    • Quickly and easily download your schedule as a PDF for printing or share it via a link. If you make another change, the update is instant!
No more double-bookings with DMSchedules
  • Tons of must-have customization options mean you can make a schedule that's tailored to your school's instructional guidelines. Change the look and feel of the timetable and customize the layout with the color scheme of your preference for greater visual clarity.
  • Access to reports and analytics means you can identify potential problems as you finalize your schedule.

Need Strategic Scheduling Support? We Can Help.

After 20 years of collaboration with thousands of school district leaders across the US, DMGroup understands the scheduling best practices and tactics you need to help your students. Any schedule created with DMSchedules incorporates strategies that are proven to enhance educational outcomes. We have a library of how-to guides, tutorials, and videos. You get access to our team of scheduling experts, available to answer your questions and troubleshoot the program whenever you need help. Team training seminars are also available.

Make Your School Scheduling and Resource Management More Efficient.

Take the first step towards a smoother, more effective educational experience for your school, and schedule a free demo today. Check out our YouTube and social media channels for additional info and resources.

See firsthand how our schedule maker supports your goals for strategic scheduling and the unique needs of your school.

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