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DMSchedules - School Scheduling Software Educators Love

Create strategic elementary schedules aligned with your learning goals in no time. Automatically create and share dependent student and staff schedules.

DMSchedules - Powerful Internet-based scheduling software


Unlock Student Success with a Well-Crafted Strategic School Schedule!

A strong, strategic, and thoughtful schedule aligns district and school goals with student achievement. Unfortunately, due to the challenging nature of scheduling, schedules are often heavily constrained and diminish the impact of the resources schools have to help meet the needs of all students.

To address this challenge, we offer you DMSchedules school scheduling software and services for Elementary Schools and Special Education.

Easier and Faster

Powerful Internet-Based School Scheduling Software

DMSchedules combines our powerful, web-based scheduling software, field-proven best practices, and a team of scheduling experts to help you define instructional priorities to develop effective student-centered elementary school and individual staff schedules.

With DMSchedules elementary school scheduling software, school administrators from K-8 educational organizations of all sizes can now develop effective schedules in a fraction of the time. What used to take weeks can now be done in hours!

DMSchedules school schedule maker enables quick and easy elementary school scheduling

Best Practice

Scheduling Software for Schools that Improves Efficiency and Communication

• Set and embed instructional guidelines with ease

• Make adjustments in your master schedule with drag-and-drop function

• Quickly explore multiple scheduling scenarios

• Automatically create dependent student and staff schedules

• Share up-to-date schedules with staff in real-time

• Maximize special education and related service support opportunities

• Foster collaboration and continuous improvement

DMSchedules - DMSchedules drag-and-drop feature makes scheduling a breeze

Coordinated and Transparent

User-Friendly Interface with Drag-and-Drop Features

DMSchedules helps you easily define subjects, generate specials rotations, manage workloads, including staff shared across schools, and ensure all students have access to the core curriculum and specials you offer. Principals and other school schedulers can create a main elementary schedule for the entire academic year with drag-and-drop ease.

Make schedules with drag-and-drop ease with DMSchedules


No More Double-Bookings

Dragging a subject into a schedule will now indicate if the assigned teacher or room is already occupied, preventing double bookings.

DMSchedules - specials scheduling by teachers

automatic updates

Real-Time Updates for Seamless Coordination

Based on your master schedule, specials rotations, homeroom and specials teacher schedules are then automatically updated.

DMSchedules - homeroom teachers

Easy Schedule Sharing

Effective Communication with Automated Sharing

You can instantly share your online master schedule with administrators, teachers, and staff to ensure they always have access to the latest version.

No more double-bookings with DMSchedules easy schedule sharing

DMSchedules Key Features

  • Build your school schedules (e.g. Bell schedules, Homerooms, Specials, Staff, and more)
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Unlimited schedule scenarios
  • Flexibile schedule cycle/rotation support
  • Flexible specials rotations
  • Preset your district's instructional guidelines
  • Unlimited alternate schedules (e.g. delayed openings, early release)
  • Assign teacher aides, co-teachers, and other staff to periods
  • Schedule sharing with stakeholders
  • Staff assignment conflict warnings
  • See shared staff schedules across multiple schools
  • Schedule error and best practices validation

Want to Experience the Efficiency of DMSchedules Elementary School Scheduling Software?

In the last year alone, DMSchedules for Elementary Schools and Special Education transformed scheduling for more than 1000 building leaders nationwide. Learn why educators love our software for class scheduling! Request a demo and get a 7-day free trial!

What Our Customers Say

  • “Each morning when I am shuffling staff to cover those who are out, I am thankful to you and this product. Having our schedule centrally located has been a lifesaver this school year.”


    Norwich, VT

  • “The software and service are excellent! I can very easily manipulate changes and share them with staff and colleagues outside of our school. The greatest impact is in the time saved and the ability to collaborate with others.”


    Downingtown, PA

  • “The software allows you to make one master schedule that can, in turn, create individualized schedules for teachers automatically without having to make so many different versions of the schedule to meet individual teachers' needs.”


    Sioux Falls, SD

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I try your elementary school schedule maker for free?

Yes! Please reach out to us to schedule a demo and get a 7-day free trial. If you have any additional questions, you can call us at 877-617-8577 or reach out to

I am too busy and don't have time to work on my schedule. Can you build my schedule?

Absolutely! If you're running out of time or simply want scheduling off your plate, we can build your new schedule for you. We’ll build multiple scenarios for you to explore, share drafts with you, and iterate and identify the scenario that works best for your students and staff. Contact us for more info.

Can I implement student interventions with DMSchedules?

DMSchedules for Elementary Schools scheduling software provides principals with the ability to strategically plan and schedule interventions that maximize the time of staff members and student reach. With the software, school leaders have a comprehensive view of how the workload is distributed and make better allocations of staff and resources. DMSchedules offers evidence of any scheduling challenges or staffing issues that may have posed barriers to teaching and learning and helps create effective intervention plans.

What is the price of DMSchedules?

We offer a variety of plans and flexible pricing options designed to meet the needs of busy district and school leaders. See the plans and pricing here. Contact us to discuss any custom requirements.

When is the best time to start building an elementary schedule?

A majority of elementary principals surveyed by District Management Group reported starting their schedules in April or later. However, there are many benefits to starting as early as January, with a defined elementary school schedule process, clear roles and responsibilities, and ensuring time to iterate and make adjustments based on emerging data. This can improve the quality of the schedule as well as reduce the stress of scheduling as the end of the school year approaches.

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