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Professional Development: Elementary Scheduling Best Practices

Hands-on, cohort-based workshops designed to help district and school leaders build stronger, more strategic elementary schedules

Common challenges in elementary school scheduling

Elementary Scheduling Academy

Scheduling is a critical factor that drives student achievement. Join DMGroup's Elementary Scheduling Academy to learn how to build strategic, student-focused school schedules in a fraction of the time.

The Elementary Scheduling Academy is a hands-on, cohort-based workshop designed to help district and school leaders build better elementary schedules quickly and easily.

Using DMSchedules for Elementary Schools scheduling software and guided by our scheduling experts, you will apply scheduling best practices to craft highly effective and easily customizable strategic elementary schedules.

The Academy is ideal for:

  • New principals preparing schedules for the first time

  • Principals looking to learn more about scheduling best practices

  • Schedulers seeking new approaches to solve scheduling challenges

  • District leaders looking to align instructional guidelines and practices while also learning how to staff efficiently and effectively

How it Works

We use our field-tested approach to build best-in-class elementary school schedules based on decades of experience with school leaders nationwide.

  • Critical conversations: Participants will develop a shared understanding of how time should be used in their schools and establish a coherent and transparent approach to building school schedules.

  • Intensive hands-on work: We believe that learning by doing is the best way to learn. Using DMSchedules, each participant will build their own school schedule. District leaders will partner with their principals to create scheduling strategies that accommodate the needs of all students.

  • DMSchedules for Elementary Schools License: Each participating school will be issued a 1-year license with full access to DMSchedules for Elementary Schools scheduling software at no extra charge.

  • Peer network: The academy is designed to engage participants in discussion and share ideas across districts and schools. You will meet other like-minded district leaders and school administrators with whom to share challenges and lessons learned.


The cost is $4,500 per school. The price includes the academy and 1-year software license for DMSchedules for Elementary Schools and schedule creation support services.

Elementary Scheduling Academy Program



  • “I have never been so excited to build a new schedule!”


    Grand Isle, Vermont

  • “I liked the collaboration with all parties involved throughout the process and the immediate feedback when concerns came about.”


    Dublin, OH

  • “The DMGroup staff was incredible to work with, quick to respond, and explained things clearly so I understood.”


    Minneapolis, MN

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