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DMSchedules Scheduling Software for Schools

Strategically allocate instructional time, improve planning and communication across your team, and ensure equity. Try it today.

DMSchedules - Powerful Internet-based scheduling software

Working on your school schedule? Juggling endless Google Sheets and random Post-It notes? It is time to say goodbye to this time-consuming and inefficient process.

With DMSchedules for Elementary Schools scheduling software, you can eliminate this logistical headache and create effective, strategic school-wide schedules in a fraction of the time. 

DMSchedules for Elementary Schools combines our powerful, web-based scheduling software, field-proven best practices, and a team of scheduling experts to help you develop strategic student-centered school schedules and individual staff schedules tailored to your needs.

What used to take days can now be done in hours!

Keep reading to learn precisely how DMSchedules software eliminates bottlenecks and enables you to create school schedules with ease.

The Power of DMSchedules Scheduling Software for Schools

DMSchedules for Elementary Schools school scheduling software allows principals to quickly and easily build elementary school schedules. Specials rotations, homeroom and specials teacher schedules are then automatically updated based on the main schedule. The drag-and-drop ease simplifies assigning rooms, making it quicker and less prone to human error than traditional methods like spreadsheets.

Issues with workflows? Gone when you use DMSchedules for your academic scheduling needs.

Set and embed instructional guidelines, build schedules with drag-and-drop ease, and quickly explore multiple scheduling scenarios. Send alerts and emails set to your faculty preferences, and instantly share your online schedule with administrators, teachers, and staff to ensure they always have visibility into the latest version. Plus, use our powerful analytics to support and manage staff workloads, direct service time, group sizes, and more.

DMSchedules has enabled thousands of school administrators in the United States to strategically allocate instructional time and optimize their school scheduling and resource planning.

Check our tutorials and webinars to experience the simplicity and intuitiveness of our user interface.

DMSchedules improves efficiency and communication

Key Benefits of DMSchedules School Schedule Software

Traditionally, creating school schedules could take weeks. With DMSchedules, the process can be completed in a matter of hours, significantly reducing the time investment required for scheduling. DMSchedules is a powerful, web-based scheduling software that can be accessed from anywhere. It facilitates scheduling for a variety of K-12 educational settings, including in-person, hybrid, and fully remote learning scenarios.

Create a course schedule for elementary students without the hassle of double-booking.

Our software streamlines the process, enabling you to seamlessly integrate district guidelines for minutes of instruction, automatically create specials rotations, and develop a conflict-free timetable for students. The software identifies and resolves conflicts quickly. Drag a subject into a schedule, and you will get immediate alerts if the teacher or room applied to the subject is already occupied. DMSchedules completely eliminates teacher and classroom double-booking.

DMSchedules - specials scheduling by teachers

DMSchedules online school scheduling system includes the ability to:

  • Achieve instructional best practices
  • Establish clear and consistent instructional minute guidelines
  • Experiment with different scenarios to determine the best schedule for your school’s specific needs
  • Identify daily common planning time opportunities
  • Create uninterrupted blocks for ELA and math
  • Schedule a daily intervention or enrichment period
  • Give equal access to specials such as art, music, and physical education
  • Maximize special education and related services support opportunities
Efficient and effective staffing with DMSchedules

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How is Scheduling Software for Schools Eliminating Bottlenecks and Transforming School Operations?

Continue reading to learn how DMSchedules streamlines scheduling, enhances efficiency, and supports student success.

User-friendly Interface and Ease of Use

Our scheduling software for schools features easy-to-use drag-and-drop capabilities and simplifies the complex task of creating school schedules. This user-friendly approach enables school leaders to develop school-wide and individual staff schedules more efficiently. Additionally, we offer support and training so you can get up to speed on how the software works.

Automated Schedule Creation

DMSchedules streamlines your ability to create master schedules. This comprehensive system encompasses all classes, teachers, and classrooms, forming the foundation for personalized teacher schedules. Once the master schedule is created, DMSchedules can automatically generate dependent schedules, including classroom assignments. As a result, you can maximize room utilization and minimize conflicts. Individual teacher schedules are automatically generated based on the grade-level classroom schedules and specials rotations you create, reducing the time it takes to provide each teacher with an individual schedule.

Adaptability to Changing Needs

Our school schedule software allows the creation of "what if?" scenarios, including contingency plans for room assignments. This feature is handy for adapting to sudden changes, such as those necessitated by hybrid or remote learning models.

Reporting and Analytics

DMSchedules offers reports that can help you identify potential issues early, allowing for adjustments before the final schedule is set.

Real-time Schedule Updates and Notifications

Our school scheduling software provides real-time schedule updates, fostering enhanced collaboration and transparency. Adapt quickly to unforeseen events like teacher absences or urgent meetings. With a single share of the updated schedule link, everyone involved, from school leaders to teachers and staff, stays informed and aligned, reducing confusion and minimizing the need for extensive emails or announcements.

Plans & Pricing

We offer a range of plans with flexible pricing options to meet your needs. Please contact us to discuss your unique scheduling requirements.

What Our Customers Say

  • “I’m floored by the capabilities of your school schedule software! When I think of all the work I had to do in Excel…”


    Providence Public Schools (RI)

  • “DMSchedules scheduling software for schools brings all the information necessary to all building stakeholders to one location, so we don’t have to search place by place for everybody’s schedule.”


    Barrington 220 Community Unit SD (IL)

  • “DMSchedules has been extremely helpful to use at our school. I am so grateful for this tool.”


    The Diocese of Allentown (PA)

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